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by Naief Budawelah    |   Student ID: @00508322

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Android Things (the future of IoT Programming)

Imagine a platform that unifies all of IoT around us. Google has the wish to come true, with the popularity of the IoT around the world the people at Google find it very interested to invest in that fascinated world.

What do we mean by Android Things?

It is an Android version deign specifically of the Internet of Things gadgets. So with the development of this kind of operating systems connected IoT devices will be managed and controlled correctly and without any buggy software might corrupt precious IoT devices. With Android Things, Google wanted to provide a universal OS layer so every device will have the same method of communication. Moreover, Google has already invested in IoT long time ago, with devices like Google Thermostat, Google Home and Google Wifi and so forth.

With Android Things, Google wanted to provide a universal OS layer so every device will have the same method of communication

Google will benefit from this platform, in other words with every IoT device operating their system will collect a massive amount of data, this will result in IoT market domination for google.

So, what’s in it for the developer, having a bulletproof platform to run their devices will cut the production cost up to 90% and reduce the production time as well. So IoT manufacture can deliver on time and don’t miss the market continuity anymore.

Moreover, of course, that includes all the known security and privacy of Android so that software update will be more comfortable and coherent with Google standard, and that will prevent IoT devices from crashing or having software bugs anymore. (Hildenbrand, 2018)


Figure 5.1 Android Things platform (Team, 2016)

What is consumer benefit from Android Things?

What google try is in the consumer befit by the end, because they are trying to unify all the spaghetti codes in the IoT devices around us like the thermostat, smart TVs ..  and so forth, so the wanted to cleanse all those devices from bugs might corrupt the device or harm us.

It is like the invention of the GPS, in the beginning, the use of the GPS was strictly for military purposes and was developed by the army for the army. However, when the commercial sector gets involved in GPS for cars, that development of the GPS rapidly become very advanced, and many companies around the world form alliance to standardize the GPS protocols to be recognized by all navigation devices, so, by today GPS become a defacto on every modern car around the globe. The same thing will happen for the Android of thing with the time, especially Google already form alliance from the big players on the market such as Intel, Raspberry, NXP and more.

Another example, if you would like to purchase accessories for your car like security system, all radio system they must meet the same communication protocol for your car to be installed.

 Figure 5.2 What is Android Things? (Smith, 2017)


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