One Minute Paper – Information Systems Thinking


by Naief Budawelah    |   Student ID: @00508322

I have learned that the Information is a result of processed raw data that was collected, processed, analyzed and computerized to give a mean-full output, which is called information finally.

The IS lecture was very informative for me, especially when starting the talk about ERP systems, where the professor was discussing the transformation from the regular paper works to the digital realm.

What I also learned, that by implementing ERP system can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline business workflow.

Here is a summary for some of the essential features of the ERP systems as I learned from the lecture:

  1. EfficiencyERP Systems eliminates the repetitive processes and effectively reduces the need for manual data entry. The ERP system will also simplify business practices and make it easier and more efficient for companies to collect data.
  2. Cost: The fact that by implementing ERP systems does not come with a cheap cost, however, the advantage of implementing such system keep the company ahead of the competition in the market and can’t afford to go back to paperwork process again.
  3. Forecast: ERP systems give the decision makers on the company boards the right tools they need to forecast the market and do the proper business intelligence of the current market status, so they can steer their company toward the right path and estimate the loss and gain in the future before it occurred.
  4. Customer Service: Providing high-quality customer service is a very tough challenge without an ERP system in-place, especially when customer service department wanted to dig for in-depth information about their customers to give the proper service as required. And by using such system will streamline the customer service workflow and can interact better with the customers and improving the relationship with them through using well and reliable source of information and historical data as well. Thus, will make marketing task more comfortable for the marketing team in the company with automatic marketing function and contact center… and so forth, to ensure the customer is being interacted with consistently.

However, the drawback for the Salford/RKC online coursewares the video quality was not as good as expected it, it was, however, as if was recorded in the lecturer bedroom. Unlike the other online courses where the producer of the courseware makes it with very high-quality filming quality as well as well-made teaching materials such as MIT online courses, Coursera .. and others.

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