IoT of the future


by Naief Budawelah    |   Student ID: @00508322

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Smart City (the city of the future)

IoT devices will not be used by the consumers only; it extends to the companies, organization, governments as well as villages and cities. That’s mean the whole city will be entirely autonomous and don’t need any human intervention to control and monitor, which mean the city automation system will remotely monitor and manage and collect data via IoT devices implement through the city such as the visitor kiosks, surveillance cameras, bicycle renting stations, rental cars .. and so forth. (Symantec, 2018)

IoT use in public transportation system is significant, smart road traffic management system used to observe and analyze the flow of the road traffic, to adjust the roads accordingly from becoming congested or jammed; especially during the rush hour time. (Rouse, 2017)

Smart Street LightinFigure 4.1 Smart street lighting (Barcelona, 2018) 

One of the primary use of IoT for the smart city is to conserve energy in the cities. By using IoT sensors, a streetlight will dim when aren’t any cars or pedestrians on the street autonomously figure 4.1. The smart-grid is one of the most important implementations of the IoT in the smart city; that technology will help the grid to improve efficiency operations, supply for on-demand power as well as precise maintenance scheduling.

The smart-grid is one of the most important implementations of the IoT in the smart city

The smart city also addresses the environmental issues, such as air pollution. Air freshness will be improved with smart city initiatives. IoT trash garbage cans will improve garbage waste collection and recycling as well.
also, IoT sensors will help to drink water efficiently with less water waste, which will affect water drainage by the end figure 4.2.

With the use of IoT in the smart city will enhance public security, by surveillance the dense crime zones to improve police efficiency with sensors and aerial drones as well. Another example of the use of IoT sensors for public safety, IoT can be an essential component of early warning system before catastrophy occurred such as hurricanes, earthquake, flood .. and so forth.

Figure 4.2 Smart city components (, 2017) 

Figure 4.3 What is smart city? (Energies, 2015)



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