IoT of the future


by Naief Budawelah    |   Student ID: @00508322


IoT or the Internet of things is a new abbreviation term in the dictionary refers to physical devices that feature an IP address to connect to the internet and communication occurred between these devices and other objects around us. While mobile devices have multiple sensory and internet connectivity, it is not considered part of IoT; IoT is a much narrower category that mainly groups embedded devices mostly with a headless interface. Internet connectivity enables IoT devices to collect and exchange data on our physical and mental health. Also, this study highlights the future of IoT grows and the impact on our privacy may a raised from those tiny devices.

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Based on a web report “Digital in 2017: Global Overview” (Kemp, 2017), 55% of The world today are using mobile phones and tablets devices to connect to the internet, and the whole planet will be connected to the internet with “Things” we call it the internet of things (IoT), that includes machines, appliances, building systems, vehicles, animals tags and so forth.

With the worldwide mobile phones adoption, internet connectivity has been so prevalent that new applications and usage scenarios were invented to enhance our lifestyle, home appliances introduced a more continent way to interact or operate the devices. Further opportunities have been introduced considering the benefit of Bigdata analysis for all of these connected devices. Better power consumption, more secure environment are examples of such benefits.

That crazy future we were promised as in the science fiction movies is growing-up and starting to show up in our real life

The internet landscape today is growing at an astronomical rate. It’s not just about our PCs, notebooks, tablets or smartphones anymore. There is now a significant number of devices that are internet connected, for example fridge, washing machines, door locks, vacuum cleaners, toys and even coffee maker and toasters are now “smart devices”, That crazy future we were promised as in the science fiction movies is growing-up and starting to show up in our real life, and consumers are herding to own a piece of that promise future devices. As a result, we have now what is called the “Internet of Things” the new term for anything that connects to the internet.(Symantec, 2018)




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SYMANTEC. 2018. Internet of Things (IoT) [Online]. Available: [Accessed 8/6 2018].

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