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by Naief Budawelah    |   Student ID: @00508322

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Farmbot (the IoT of farming food of the future)

The world’s population is expected to rise from 7 billion to a whopping 9 billion by 2050. Moreover, to accommodate the needs of all earthlings, we need much more food than what we have today.

The world hunger and reduction of food supplies around the world become a very challenging task for individuals, organizations as well as governments.

To resolve this kind of dilemma, an idea introduced by a mechanical engineering student from California Polytechnic State University; Rory Aronson, where he founded an open source community project called ”Farmbot”; thus an excellent use of IoT in the field of agriculture and home farming”; the idea of the project was to make growing food as easy as playing “Farmville” game in the PC. (Finley, 2014)

the idea of the project was to make growing food as easy as playing “Farmville”

To resolve and overcome the problems of traditional farming methods, he suggested precision farming methodology. Precision farmers usually use high tech instruments to farm like the use of drones and self-steering tractors to use fertilizer, water, and other farming resources efficiently.

They can give plants precisely the right amount of water, for example, or apply pesticides only when and where they are needed. Aronson however, acquired all these knowledge and techniques from a study made by a group of researchers from Purdue University & National Institute of Agricultural Technology in Argentina concluded that precision agriculture could play an essential role in sustainable farming.

That research paper gave Aronson hint of repeating the same concept with a CNC like a machine that operates like the inkjet printer to print the seeds in the soil. Moreover, instead of using the camera to monitor weeds,  this invention of his, identify the exact position of all crops in the soil by using IoT sensors, the same way he uses a magnetic head to replace the seed head with watering head and so forth. (Aronson, 2013)

Figure 3.1 Farbot Genesis the world first automated open source farming machine

Thus, fully optimized to take decision automatically adjusts water, fertilizer, and pesticide regimens; seed spacing, timing, and more based on soil and weather conditions; sensor data, location, and time of year.

FarmBot Whitepaper -6241 Decission Support system
Figure 3.1 The Decision Support System part of the farmbot AI system

Figure 3.2 a commercial video by Rory Aronson about Farmbot



ARONSON, R. L. 2013. FarmBot Whitepaper [Online]. Available: [Accessed 16/6 2018].

FINLEY, K. 2014. Out in the Open: This Farmbot Makes Growing Food as Easy as Playing Farmville [Online]. Available: [Accessed 16/6 2018].



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